Jacques Pirenne (BEL 230) first Belgian in the Europeans 2017

Jacques Pirenne (BEL 230) got hold of the 56th place on a fleet of 130. Given the strong competition and the nearly new fleet in the country of origin of the OK dinghy this is an excellent result. Joost Rommelaere (BEL 203) got hold of the 118th position. Paul Verrijdt (BEL 214) ended on the 124th place, mainly plagued with stubborn back pains. For the full results please go to this link.

The regatta was excellently organised, on the water and on land. Weather circumstances were Danish, i.e. wind, rain and sun. But the good organisation and atmosphere, the beer on the jetty, etc. … made up for this more than one can imagine.

Many thanks to the colleagues of the Danish Association and International Association for this successful event !