Stefan Rassau Belgian Champion 2018, for the 2nd time !

Stefan Rassau is Belgian Champion 2018, 2nd time 3 years time (see report of 2015 here). Challenging sailing conditions dominated by light shifty winds have thrown the dices in favour of Stefan as the difference between first and third place is only 3 point. The podium is the following :

  1. Stefan Rassau (GER)
  2. Claus Stochardt (GER)
  3. Stephan Veldeman (NED)


Paul Verrijdt (BEL 214) is first Belgian on a well deserved 4th place.

The prize for the first Belgian newcomer has been given to Fréderic Vandenberghe BEL 2176 with his 9th place. Very warm welcome to the OK Dinghy Class and congrats !

The prize for the first full wooden boat was for Rod Andrew (BEL 1), 21st place.

Sunny weather, fantastic race committee, perfect on-shore support and great music played by Rod made this just another fantastic Belgian Championship. Those who were not there just missed a great event !

The results can be found here.

More pictures can also be found through this link. You can find the movie here.