Julien Dejugnat first French ever to win the Belgian Nationals

The Belgian Nationals 2017 have resulted in the first French ever, Julien Dejugnat, to win the regatta. This is a great boost to support the further increasing popularity of the OK Dinghy in l’Hexagone/France. Second place is taken by the Dutch Stephan Veldman, third place by Ralf Mackmann. First Belgian is Jacques Pirenne on the 6th place. The detailed results can be found here.

This edition of the Belgian Nationals welcomed 33 sailors from The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany and France. Sailing conditions on Saturday were variable with a very shifty 3rd regatta. On Sunday 4 races were sailed with a pretty stable SW wind of 10-14 knots.

The regatta and its organisation were a again a great success. An excellent racing committee, fantastic support on-shore and a very warming and joyful barbecue with Rod playing his guitar, Florence singing the OK Dinghy song for the Europeans 2018 at Bandol, France, and a funny never-ending price-giving.

By the same token we want to thank the KLYC, its racing committee and the staff on-shore for their relentless and professional support without whom such a great regatta should not be possible.

In the end each participant is a winner and to express this everyone has received a memory mug filled with ‘Antwerp Hands’ (Antwerpse handjes) symbol for the city of Antwerp and referring to the historical tale of Antwerp and Silvius Brabo, a roman soldier who is said to have killed a giant. For more details see also on Wikipedia.