The Belgian OK Dinghy Class Boat has Arrived !

The Belgian OK Dinghy Class was able to procure a good OK dinghy at a very reasonable price.

The BEL 56 was built early 2000’s and purchased by Joost Rommelaere in 2005. End 2009 the boat was sold again and now it is the hands of the hands of the Belgian OK Dinghy Class.

Though the boat has an aluminium mast and 2 older sails, it was 10 years ago already pretty fast. Now it is a matter to get a better gear, i.e. a carbon mast and matching sail so that we have a really excellent boat ! Any contribution of all the members will help.

The boat is for the first year located at the Galgenweel (KLYC). If you are interested to use the boat for a first sail experience with an OK dinghy or to participate at a regatta, please send a mail to