2023, Season greetings!

Dear members,

I am honored to speak to you as we embark on another exciting sailing season. I would like to start by acknowledging the departure of Joost Rommelaere and Anne Marie Devrees, who have been instrumental in the success of our class as secretary and treasurer. We are grateful for their contributions and wish them all the best.

At the same time, I welcome our new treasurer, Steven Jamar, and secretary, Marc Vandeghinste, and I am confident they will bring fresh energy and ideas to our class.

As we look ahead to the coming season, it’s clear that we have emerged from the challenges posed by the pandemic with resilience, dynamism and creativity. Our class has grown to 25 yolists, and we are proud to have a dedicated sponsor in Antargaz, who has supported us for three years.

We will continue to grow and improve, with new contacts and initiatives aimed at increasing participation and fostering the sense of fraternity and fun that unites us. The “Tour des lacs” challenge is back for its sixth edition and will feature a new ranking system and a presence in three countries. Our goal is to showcase the Yole OK and bring together sailors from across the region.

Let’s take a moment to remember our beloved yolist Jean Choffrais, who passed away earlier this year. His passion and dedication to sailing will not be forgotten.

As we take to the water, I encourage each of you to be motivated and enthusiastic, with a smile on your face. I hope to see you all at the three buoys and wish you a fantastic sailing season 2023.

Best Regards,

Philippe Cowez