Fantastic Sailing on the 1st Icebear Race of November 9

No discussion that the 1st Icebear Race of the 2019-2020 was more than a success. As we say in French ‘Les absents ont eu tort !’.

For starters an excellent soup prepared by Marcel. Then 4 short races with over 20 boats in 2-3 Beaufort with sunny spells. It really felt like an early spring day. (Only) 2 OK dinghies joined (Joris and Joost). The beautiful pictures taken by Erwin Van Iseghem were the cherry on the cake of this first Icebear Race of the 2019-2020 season.

The warming sailing event was concluded with a great paëlla prepared by Sailing Cooks ?.

So let’s be there with more on Saturday December 14 !